Brittany Chrishawn as award-winning producer for Illville

(Photographer: Mickel Garrett)

Brittany Chrishawn dives into the world of film as line producer for ArtByTrade‘s award-winning film Illville. Illville is a dramatic satire that explores the psychology behind police brutality and the effects it may have on society. So far, the film has received the following awards: semi-finalist at The Black Screenplays Matter Film Festival (2018); semi-finalist for best screenplay at The Las Vegas Black Film Festival (2018); semi-finalist for Best African-American Experience at the Oscar qualifying Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival (2019). And for 2020, it’s scheduled to be screened at the International Pan African Film Festival in Cannes, France as a finalist.

Illville was co-produced and co-written by Brittany Chrishawn and writer/director Ausar Moore under production company ArtByTrade in 2018. And it serves as a sample project to acquire funding for higher-quality productions.

Click here to watch the film.