LO V E  M E  O R  L E A V E  M E .


About LMLM

The Love Me or Leave Me (LMLM) brand encourages women to put love for themselves first.

Award-winning filmmaker and social justice advocate, Brittany Chrishawn, created LMLM after becoming a victim of police brutality in May 2020. She was wrongfully attacked by male officers in the comfort of her own home. They left her battered resulting in a lifelong condition dubbed the “suicide disease”. And then they arrested and charged her for allegedly battering them.

To cope, Brittany Chrishawn created LMLM which now serves as a movement to empower and demand respect and equality for all women around the world.

LMLM is Brittany’s way of encouraging women to adopt her motto, “Love me or me.”

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The LMLM Network

The LMLM Network is made up of influential women across various backgrounds and professions. Members collectively share weekly publications for one another exposing their projects to a wider, more supportive audience.




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