"Love me or leave me."

Lip Bust

Lip Bust by Brittany Chrishawn was created in 2014 while Brittany and Ausar were still in their downtown Los Angeles studio apartment. This video is somewhat of a parody but one that Brittany can directly relate to. It was created as an experimental video to help Brittany sharpen her newly discovered film editing skills.


Brittany Chrishawn  Through was created by Brittany Chrishawn and Moor iLL in 2013 when they had a falling out with their roommates in East Orange, New Jersey. The song was inspired by how “through” they were with their circumstances. The situation was so messy, they decided to up and move across the country to Los […]

What Did You Do

Brittany Chrishawn What Did You Do serves as Brittany Chrishawn’s very first “official” music video. Brittany’s cousin, Tamika Lee, was working on a film project for school in 2012. She needed to film something that would give her a good grade on the assignment and decided to film this music video featuring her little cousin, […]