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Award-Winning Filmmakers Ausar Moore And Brittany Chrishawn Celebrate New T.V. Pilot ‘Illville’

ArtByTrade, the media and entertainment company responsible for the production of Illville, has received 3 festival awards for the film so far. HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – Californer — Only months into the festival stage, ArtByTrade is proud to announce that its very first television pilot entitled Illville has received 3 award nominations. This has everyone wondering what the future holds. Prior to the […]

Life Goes On

From the Hip Hop Album  “Weather” By Brittany Chrishawn Life Goes On inspires its audience to walk life’s many paths knowing that regardless of what happens, life does still go on. As life teaches by example, one must go on to pursue one’s purpose no matter what occurs along the journey. It was August 2014 […]

Ya Girl

From the Hip Hop Album…  “Weather” By Brittany Chrishawn Ya Girl was inspired and co-written by Moor iLL. Initially, Moor iLL was one of the only people who actually took Brittany Chrishawn’s rap skills seriously. Everyone else looked at her as strictly a singer. As a result, Moor iLL became the first artist to collaborate […]